Sphere6 Success Stories

Pioneering Success: Ortivus AB’s Strategic Bid Management Transformation with Sphere 6


Ortivus AB is a Swedish SME boasting an impressive annual turnover of $9.4M. As a beacon in the e-Health sector with over 30 years of seasoned experience in cardiology and medical technology, Ortivus combines expert knowledge in medical technology and clinical expertise with adept know-how in wireless communication and IT, delivering pre-hospital, out-of-hospital, and public access solutions to a global clientele.

Despite being a well-established supplier of pre-hospital solutions to national and regional ambulance services, Ortivus found themselves grappling with a less defined tender process, occasionally resulting in final bids that lacked the requisite detail to outshine in a fiercely competitive market, and the structure to clearly track profitability on successful bids. Yet, as you will see, a transformation was on the horizon that would bolster Ortivus’ position in the market.



Sphere 6 stepped in to steer Ortivus toward a streamlined tender process, leveraging a blend of 23 years of project, operations, and tendering experience to craft a structured, bespoke process for Ortivus.

Embarking with our innovative tender health-check, we pinpointed several gaps permeating pre-, during, and post-bid stage activities, encompassing market analysis, bid structure, response management, and tender governance. Following this, we initiated a market evaluation and process re-engineering stage, providing crucial support for an existing bid and subsequently taking charge of bid management responsibilities for this and 3 new bids.

Ortivus embraced the Sphere 6 process and model, subsequently witnessing high levels of success in the bids they orchestrated themselves. This collaborative journey involved extensive engagement with the Ortivus management team, ensuring alignment with the new bid requirements and securing board-level approvals as necessary.

Working closely with Ortivus’ Chief Financial Officer, Sphere 6 devised a novel bid finance model, facilitating automated reflections of cost changes throughout the offer, coupled with the generation of updated EBITDA for board approval.



Through the adoption of our tender review process and the implementation of our recommendations, Ortivus signed new contracts amounting to a staggering £19.2M, symbolizing a monumental 77% increase in their new revenue over a 4-year period.

This bid process has now become an intrinsic facet of Ortivus operations, with the company securing substantial further bids under their adept leadership, utilizing the process and tools expertly tailored for them by Sphere 6.



In the wake of identifying a critical gap in their tender process, Ortivus AB, a seasoned player in the e-Health domain, partnered with Sphere 6 to overhaul their bid management approach. Through an intensive collaborative effort, Sphere 6 leveraged its extensive expertise to fortify Ortivus’ tender processes, introducing robust mechanisms for market analysis, bid structure, and financial governance.

This transformation transcended mere procedural adjustments, ushering in a culture of precision and excellence within Ortivus. Consequently, the company witnessed a significant upswing, securing contracts worth £19.2M and representing a 77% increase in new revenue over a span of four years.

This formidable partnership has not only propelled Ortivus to new levels of success but has also positioned them as a beacon of adaptability and innovation in the e-Health sector, illustrating the remarkable outcomes of blending strategic insight with action.

Are you ready to redefine the boundaries of success in your industry? Join industry frontrunners like Ortivus AB who have catapulted their business potential with Sphere 6’s unrivaled expertise. It’s not just about winning bids, but shaping a future defined by growth and remarkable success. Reach out to us today and embark on a transformative journey with Sphere 6.

Nurturing Growth: How Little Sprouts Forest School Blossomed with the Dudley HAF programme. 


Founded in March 2019, Little Sprouts Forest School has established itself as a prominent outdoor learning provider, offering unique Forest School and nature connection experiences in the Midlands and Staffordshire, situated in Lichfield, UK. The initiative seeks to bridge the gap between children and the natural world, fostering learning through play and exploration that sparks their interests. 

Identifying an opportunity to extend their unique offerings to children receiving free school meals in the Dudley area, Little Sprouts embarked on a journey to become a part of the Dudley Holiday Activity & Food (HAF) programme. Designed to offer a range of activities and a hot meal to children aged 6 to 13 during the summer holidays, Little Sprouts had never written a HAF bid before and were unsure how to approach it. 


To navigate this unfamiliar territory, Little Sprouts sought the expertise of Sphere 6. Through tailored tender management services, Sphere 6 assumed responsibility for the bid management and delivery, guiding Little Sprouts to communicate effectively with the Dudley Council. This collaboration allowed for a seamless integration of Little Sprouts’ vision with the practical expertise of Sphere 6, creating a blueprint for success that could be replicated in future endeavours.

The team at Sphere 6 instituted a straightforward bid process, working closely with the directors to formulate a financial model inclusive of a risk budget, before delving into the core response. This proactive approach enabled the crafting of a compelling bid, addressing all prerequisites in a high-quality, timely manner.


June 2023 marked a momentous occasion as Little Sprouts were awarded the full amount sought in their HAF application. This triumph, a result of faith in Sphere 6’s approach and expertise, not only signified an 80% revenue surge but also catapulted Little Sprouts to greater heights in terms of recognition and service delivery.

The programme resonated profoundly within the community, garnering a 96% subscription rate from children receiving free school meals and aiding families facing substantial challenges. This initiative not only enhanced the profile of Little Sprouts Forest School but also fostered trust and collaboration between parents, the school, and the local primary institution assisting in delivery.

Children participating in the programme were endowed with nourishing meals and a plethora of physical activities, fostering resilience and character development through the nurturing of vital life skills like perseverance, teamwork, and leadership. Moreover, the local families found a reprieve in the reduced childcare responsibilities during the holiday season, a testament to the programme’s holistic approach.


This venture, a beacon of collaborative innovation, underscored the transformative potential of partnerships. Sphere 6’s guidance paved the way for Little Sprouts to navigate the bidding process successfully, ultimately securing the maximum available funding. 

This collaboration marked a significant milestone in Little Sprouts’ journey, amplifying their reach and impact through the Dudley HAF programme. The initiative blossomed into a nexus of community connections and child development, lighting the path for transformative education in the Dudley area.

Overall, the project embodied a harmonious blend of nature connection and well-being, nurturing young minds and fostering a community that embraced the potential of outdoor learning while alleviating some pressures on local families during school holidays.