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With 23 years’ experience in engineering, telecommunications, and medical technology, we don’t just solve challenges… 

We turn them into profitable opportunities


Sphere6 Has a complementary range of services to help you…

Tender Management

Win more business

Project Management

Deliver your project benefits

Operations Management

Streamline Your Service Delivery

Product Management

Build quality products customers love

Unlock Your Business with Tailored Tender Management

The Challenge: Lost bids despite significant effort?

Our Achievement: Secured contracts worth £24.1M for our clients.

Our Solution: A streamlined tendering process, optimizing every bid, ensuring resonating responses, and compelling showcases.

Why Choose Our Tender Management?

  • Increased Win Rate: Secure pivotal contracts.
  • Proposal Clarity: Distinct responses that resonate.
  • Strategic Positioning: Tailor your business to the tender’s demands.


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Experience Seamless Project Delivery with Sphere6 Expertise

The Challenge: Projects running over budget and time?

Our Achievement: Five regional-level health projects and two high-availability 24/7 data centres transitioned seamlessly.

Our Solution: Bespoke Project Management for timely, budgeted project completion and benefits realisation.

Benefits Of Our Project Management

  • Deadline Achievement: Meet or beat project timelines.
  • Benefits Realised: Planned in detail and delivered. 
  • Budget Optimisation: Efficient resource utilization.

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Optimized Business Operations Await

The Challenge: Persistent quality and operational hiccups?

Our Solution: A holistic view of your business, spotting challenges, and streamlining operations.

Why Revamp Your Operations?

  • Process Efficiency: Faster, consistent results.
  • Cost Savings: Reduce wastage and redundancy.
  • Agile Adaptability: Quickly pivot in response to market changes.

Operate at your best. Discover how with Sphere6.

Deliver the Products Your Market Desires

The Challenge: Unmet market demands or delayed launches?

Our Achievement: £9.4M in revenue from transforming R&D concepts to commercial products.

Our Solution: Strategically aligned product management & DevOps solutions

Achieve Product Excellence

  • Market Alignment: Products that resonate with customer needs.
  • Revenue Growth: Meet market demands effectively. 
  • Launch Excellence: Make a market impact.

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